Scientist thinks he knows how to keep old brains y

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Scientist thinks he knows how to keep old brains young - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

If we can figure out how to train our brains to perform better – pay closer attention and absorb more information – we could slow down their ageing processThe people who recently had her car stolen — a Lexus SUV — received her car back as it was discovered by police before it could be shipped. She shared her home security footage which shows a thief arriving at her house at 1 a.m..

That’s the theory and career work of Amit LampitThere should not be a single booth empty., a University of Melbourne clinical neuroscientist who specialises in cognitive training across the lifespanThe Save Max Sports Centre in Brampton. They are one of 11 clinics in Peel giving ou.

Dr Lampit says unlocking the key to improving cognitive function could even “delay or prevent dementia”Pfizer and BioNTech said they are working closely wit.

Dr Lampit originally worked in Europe and Israel with the disordered brains of children with ADHD, where he used computer cognitive training (CCT) to help them improve at school and socially – with dramatic effects.

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